• GUI: 3D view
  • I/O: Export to PDB (experimental)


Major changes and new features since cadnano 2:

  • Installer: Distribution as a Python package
  • Design/GUI: Helices no longer constrained to lattices
  • Design/GUI: Added support for “abstract” sequences
  • Design/GUI: Added support for parallel crossovers
  • Code: Updated from Python 2 → 3
  • Code: Updated from PyQt4 → PyQt5
  • Code: Rewrote underlying data model
  • Code: Better stability
  • GUI: Improved hinting across views
  • GUI/Installer: Removed Maya plugin code
  • I/O: New file format
  • I/O: Easier scripting via command-line mode
  • I/O: Export to STL (experimental)